Motorola releasing Moto Hint and Power Pack Micro in UK on December 15th

Moto Hint

UK’s Motorola users now can pick the most recent accessories from Motorola will have the capacity to do so beginning December 15, which is the point at which the Moto Hint and the Power Pack Micro will go on sales in the nation.

The Moto Hint is a Bluetooth earbud that permits you to trigger voice activities on any compatible smartphone, yet its full utility goes to the front when you’re utilizing it alongside a Motorola handset that has a always on processor, in the same way as the Moto X 2014. To recognize what you’re getting with the accessory. The earbud will be priced for £99.99 ($156), and is right now accessible for preorder on the Motorola UK site. You can likewise buy the accessory from Amazon in the UK from December 15.

Moto Power Pack Micro

The Power Pack Micro as the name tells that is an outer battery pack that gives out a battery pack power of 1500mAh. The accessory itself shows variation from the plenty of power banks by offering Bluetooth connectivity, which proves to be useful when you attach it to your keychain. The external battery offers two-way spotting services (the length of inside Bluetooth range) when combined with Motorola Connect. The Power Pack Micro will be accessible for £29.99 ($46), and is additionally now on preorder from Motorola’s UK site.

Pre-order Moto Hint from Motorola UK

Pre-order Power Pack Micro from Motorola UK

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