Motorola shiped 8.6 million smartphone units in Q2, 2014

Motorola moto g

When Motorola vacated the Indian market in November 2012, nobody believed that it would have the capacity to make such a solid rebound. According to the most recent reports from ABI Research, Motorola has figured out how to ship around 8.6 million smartphones in Q2 2014. This is an incredible development actually when contrasted with its deals in Q1 2014. Despite the fact that Moto X was similar to a much needed refresher in the market with great customizable option, launch of budget smartphones like Moto G and Moto E are said to be the genuine explanations behind this two fold development in sales in India. Motorola figured out the way to offer over a million Moto G phones in India through its elite deals partner Flipkart. It figured out how to turn into a hit because of its built quality, balanced equipment specification and a guarantee of quicker Android updates.

Further, Motorola is required to unveil the successor to Moto G and Moto X; Moto G2 and Moto X+1 respectively. Additionally, Motorola is said to be working with Google to launch their first Nexus device, a phablet with 5.9-inch screen which is codenamed as ‘Shamu’. Now, Motorola reduced the cost of Moto G to contend with Asus Zenfone 5.

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