New leaked image tells Windows 10 will come with Microsoft’s Spartan web browser

Microsoft Spartan web browser leak image

Another new report states that it has acquired an early picture of Microsoft’s rumored new web browser for Windows 10, code-named “Spartan”, alongside some new data regarding the web browser itself.

The picture leaked and insight originates from BGR, which states it got the screenshot of the web browser from an anonymous source. The screenshot itself should be of the second version of Spartan, with BGR expressing that the browser’s developer team has since stepped into a more current versions of the application. The leaked picture does jib with prior reports that Spartan will have a compliment new user interface, like Google’s Chrome and Mozilla’s Firefox browsers.

BGR includes:

“More interestingly, Microsoft’s new browser is said to come with some amazing new features that should further improve the Internet browsing experience. Apparently, Spartan will let you speak entire voice commands such as ‘add to favorites’, ‘make that my home homepage,’ or ‘go to'”

“Additionally, we are told Spartan will also be able to run different browsers inside it, ‘with the push of a button.’ For example, users could split the browser into four windows that would be showing them four different ways to seeing a website or online application, as long as those browsers are also installed on the same device.”

Microsoft has yet to announce this new or any of the past online reports about “Spartan”. One gossip tells that the desktop version of Windows 10 could come with both Spartan and the current Internet Explorer 11 for better rearward similarity and compatibility with more seasoned websites. Microsoft will hold a real press occasion at its head office in Redmond, Washington on January 21 to uncover all the features and improvements about its plans for Windows 10, which is required to be released in its final built structure in late 2015.


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