Nokia DT-903 smart wireless charging plate with intelligence Bluetooth

Nokia DT 903 Wireless Charger

Today, Microsoft and Nokia reported another embellishment for Lumia smartphones with Qi-remote charging enabled. The DT-903 is the ‘next era’ of remote charging plates that features Bluetooth 4.0 connected technology and a sparkling LED notification light for an improved users experience.

The DT-903 pairs with Lumia smartphones running Windows Phone 8.1.1 (Update 1) through Bluetooth. At the point when a user is close-by, and their phone has short of 30% charge, the DT-903’s LED will “inhale” (moderate beat) to tell the user they have to charge. The LED light radiates from the base of the plate, making a sparkle around the base. Once the device is set on the DT-903, a steady glow is enabled. Similarly, for a missed call or text, the plate squints twice to tell the users of the missed events.

Users settings for the DT-903 are controlled on the Windows Phone through the new ‘accessory applications’ segment in Windows Phone 8.1.1. For simpler pairing, the DT-903 likewise features NFC.

The DT-903 comes in three shades, including green, orange and white with relating LED colors for the shine. It is valued at EUR 59/ USD 59 and gets to hit the market in October.

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