Nokia UK releases a teaser video to an ‘OfficeLove’ launch in new video

Microsoft is utilizing the Nokia UK Youtube channel to post a video teaser for something that is planned to be uncovered later today. In view of the cut video, it is by all accounts focused around relationship in the office, and has some noticeably intriguing symbolism.

The video clip demonstrates a clear business office that rapidly switches to a note on a PC screen asking an anonymous individual to see somebody before they leave for work. It then demonstrates an office work area with what resembles an iPhone with a active ringtone. The last piece of the clip demonstrates a work area with a picture of a lady utilizing a Lumia smartphone, however then demonstrates a lady’s shoe and a man’s tie set on an enormous seat as though there was some hanky-panky going on. The last thing that the video shows is an announcement that peruses, “8/10 relationship start in the office.”

The clip closures noting increasingly will be uncovered later today. So what’s going on? Assuredly, we will take in more in simply a couple of hours. What do you think about this teaser feature?

Nokia UK on Twitter

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