Nokia will reenter on consumer electronic, but not on mobile business

rajeev suri Nokia chief

Months prior, we said our nostalgic farewells to Nokia brand name, denoting the end of the company that was a significant piece of customer technology in the 90s. Notwithstanding, most recent reports propose that possibly Nokia is not yet prepared to press its power off button. As per Reuters, Nokia is as of now contemplating how to resuscitate its brand name in customer market just months after the acquisition.

Nokia’s Chief executive Rajeev Suri when asked some information about bits of gossip that the network equipment maker was looking to re-enter the handset market, “I think you can expect our brand will come back to the consumer world.

On the other hand, restoration of the handset business appears somber. Suri said that it will look to licensing the brand name to different firms. ” We see brand licensing as an opportunity. But I would say it is more of a long-term opportunity,” he said. The Nokia is searching for potential agreements where different manufacturers of customer electronics may pay Nokia to utilize its brand on their products.

No agreements is imminent however the Nokia brand could inevitably show up on a scope of hardware, not essentially phones. “This is not a sentimentality thing,” Suri said.

Nokia sold off its previous leader mobile phones business to Microsoft for $7.2 billion and the procurement was effectively finished in April. Microsoft this week dropped the Nokia name on its most recent Lumia 535 smartphone at long last denoting the end of Nokia’s mobile business.

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