Nokia’s HERE beta extends support to more devices


In the wake of dispatching HERE maps beneficial service in beta structure for Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones early this month, Nokia has advertised that the application now work with a more wider resolution of Android handsets.

A novel feature in HERE maps is offline mode, which permits you to download maps for offline internet use, guaranteeing that you don’t run into any overage charges when you’re on cellular data.

Since the application is in beta, there are certain to be waiting issues and bugs, in the same way as the deletion of route voices at whatever time a store cleaning utility is run. Nokia specifies that it is near a fix, which ought to be stable out from beta in couple of weeks.

To install the beta, head on over to the link beneath, download the apk file and sideload it onto your device. Need guidelines on the most proficient method to sideload? Nokia has you covered.

Download HERE beta for Android



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