OnePlus One releases official alpha Lollipop ROM ready to flash

OnePlus One

Oneplus One users who want to taste the early release version of official alpha version of the smartphone’s Android 5.0 Lollipop ROM can be installed on their smartphone, gave they’re ready to endure a couple of bugs.

The download links and installing procedure are published currently on the Oneplus One forums. The company focused on that this is simply the first release for the Oneplus One regarding its Lollipop support and people ought to be mindful that this is an early preview release with no actual customizations. The post tells that:

It’s so early, in fact, that this build contains no extras beyond the stock features of AOSP Lollipop. It’s the base that we will continue to build upon, improve, and customize as we stabilize core functionalities on the latest firmware updates. As we look towards the official ROM release in the near future, we will keep to our promise and deliver an experience that is customizable, yet bloat-free with stock-Android-like simplicity by default; we wouldn’t ask you to settle for anything less.

There is bugs like insecure Wifi, spotty camera execution, hangs and issues with the capacity keys are all here, yet with an “alpha” label you suppose to expect those and more.

While Oneplus’ guarantee does take into consideration flashing custom ROMs on their smartphone, counting this release, any bugs that are found after such an installation are not covered by the company. Doubtlessly, this release is offered to the owner’s own risk.


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