Oppo N3, Oppo R5 coming to India in December

Oppo N3

Chinese handset manufacturer Oppo considers India as a key business sector for the company and is teaming up with Flipkart and Amazon India for online sales of its products. The company published that the Oppo N3 and R5 will be accessible on these e-commerce websites in India sometime around December.

“In our global expansion, India is no doubt one of the key strategic markets. Right now, we are retailing in over 20 major cities and regions, mainly through multi-brand chains,” Oppo India CEO Tom Lu told news hounds amid the release of two smartphones, Oppo N3 and Oppo R5, by the company here.

Oppo N3 with motorized swivel cam is evaluated at USD 649, while Oppo R5, which the company stats that is the world’s most slender smartphone measuring 4.85 mm in thick, costs USD 499.

At the point when asked the amount the new phones will cost in India, Tom said the company will settle on prices focused on cost. He, on the other hand, included that the company has no plan of contending on price.

“Our opportunity is to continue delivering incredible quality with products covering a range of prices,” he said.

Oppo is preparing to construct its own showrooms and elite stores shortly. It is planning to have in excess of 4,000 retail focuses in one year.

“We are targeting 200 service centers in the next one year and over 4,000 sales points,” he said.

Expressing that all its phones are doing admirably in India, the Oppo CEO said that the company is putting vigorously in the nation.

At the point when asked whether the company would dispatch products exclusively for the Indian market, he said: “May be in the future. We are working towards it.”

With the India smartphones business sector developing at a decent pace, he said that the company’s point is to guarantee that it has an enhanced product portfolio to accommodate the future changing needs.

Oppo has dispatched 10 smartphones in India till date.

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