Palm brand may come back by Alcatel One touch


Palm, the fanciful mobile handset company which has been closed since 2011, may soon get rebirth again. The assumption started the previous evening when HP, which possessed Palm began diverting visitors to a new website The company, for quite a long time redirecting the visitors to its own website

As indicated by Ars Technica, the steps taken may indicate the new responsibility of ownership for Palm by Chinese smartphone maker Alcatel One Touch. A report in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office was found online which demonstrates the Palm trademark transferred from Palm, Inc to a new company named Wide Progress Global Limited. For the individuals who aren’t recognizable, Wide Progress Global Limited isn’t actually a company as it is just used to shroud the genuine character of the purchaser. The individual who has signed to the deal, Nicolas Zibell likewise raised to be the President of America and Pacific at Alcatel One Touch.

Adding support to that probability is a message indicated on the The message on the site readers “Smart Move”, which is the slogan of Alcatel One Touch. The webpage likewise teases that something is “coming soon.” Smartphone producer Alcatel One Touch is a part of Chinese technology Titan TCL which has stakes in both mobile and TV businesses. Truth be told, it is the 25th-biggest customer electronics producer on the planet and the third-greatest manufacturer of TVs.

HP bought Palm in 2010 for an incredible whole of $1.2 billion. At the same time the company hasn’t done much since to development the brand. Indeed it attempted to utilize the WebOS on its smart TV-series, however that is by all accounts it. WebOS has now turned into an open-source software.

Palm was a much-loved brand on its ideal time. At the time, the mobile brand neglected to improve at paces to contend with rising popularity by Android, iOS and Blackberry platforms. Since the company apparently have enough labor and financial strength, it will be intriguing to see what TCL has eye to develop the Palm fame again. Will the Palm use Android operating system? on right time we will come to know.

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