Pebble appoints former WebOS and First Else UI designers

Pebble steel smartwatch

Here’s some relatively abnormal news from Pebble: Former webOS interface designer Itai Vonshak and Liron Damir have left LG to join the wearable startup, which is a really major deal given their remarkable turn on UI design – you’ll need to look at what they did to LG’s smart TVs before they cleared out. Indeed, you may rewind the doomed First Else phone from late 2009, its Splay interface, now accessible as a standalone launcher (envisioned above) on Google Play – was additionally the work of the Israeli team. With Vonshak now responsible for Pebble’s Product and UX group in addition to Damir joining as the Head of Design, we can’t resist the opportunity to envision what a webOS-fueled smartwatch would look like. That being said, in any event somebody’s now made a Palm OS watchface for the Pebble to keep us entertained.

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