Project Ara smartphone Spiral 1 prototype in action

Google Project Ara Spiral 1 Prototype

The idea of a modular smartphones, which began under PhoneBloks, was made into a reality when Motorola began working with an activity called as ‘Project Ara’ while it was still under Google. Despite the fact that Motorola was later acquired by Lenovo, Google hushed up about Project Ara.

Project Ara will, later on, help purchasers in updating certain parts of the device instead of purchasing newer device each couple of years. Presently, we have a video of the first live Project Ara based modular smartphone prototype model, which is constantly developed by NK Technologies.

NK Technologies is one of numerous partners working with Google to change over Project Ara activity into a reality. The smartphone demonstrated in the video is called as the ‘Spiral 1′. As clarified in the video, about 50 percent of the device zone is involved by components which make it conceivable to make the smartphone into a modular device.

Evidently, Toshiba is making custom chips for ‘Spiral 2′ with the goal that developers get more territory to fit the genuine modular parts into the frame. Spiral 2 will be showcased beginning January 2015.


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