Reliance starts give ‘TalkLoan’ to its prepaid GSM users


Reliance Communications is begin offering Talkloan service for its loyal prepaid GSM users. With the launch of Talkloan services, users in a emergency situation with low prepaid balance can just dial *141# tool free USSD and get a immediate “Talkloan” recharge, which can be utilized for both voice and data services.

The Talkloan facility will give RCOM’s prepaid GSM users with a immediate advance loan of Rs 5 or Rs 10, which can be profited of when the balance drops below Rs 10. Once the users dials *141#, Reliance prepaid customer can choose the denomination of the immediate recharge and begin utilizing the phone for voice and data benefits quickly fundamentally, the Talkloan service facilitates the Reliance GSM prepaid customers permit to continue talking and browsing data without being disconnection.

Airtel and Idea additionally offer talktime loan for its users.

The talk time credited through the Talkloan service does not contain any validity and users can utilize it whenever they need. The ‘loan amount credited’ will be collected by the Company over consequent recharges, with an normal transaction charge.

This service will be greatly helpful while the user is using up balance at strange hours or in any crisis, or user is between recharges, or when a physical recharge is unattainable.

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