Renaming Windows Phone Twitter and Facebook pages to Microsoft Lumia on Nov 7


Microsoft will officially rename its official Windows Phone Twitter and Facebook page name to the new Microsoft Lumia brand on Friday, November 7 as a major aspect of the company’s steps to fade out the Nokia name, and eventually the Windows Phone brand, from its smartphones.

Microsoft had declared back in October that its Windows Phone social networking accounts will be renamed to Microsoft Lumia yet today is the first time we got a particular date on when that will really happen. Just the names of the accounts are changing; nothing else will be modified.

The progressions are all part of Microsoft’s at one time advertised plans to concentrate on the Lumia brand for their smartphones. It likewise demonstrates that the company is downplaying the Windows Phone branding in general, and that the company could later on just changed its mobile version of its OS as “Windows” as a strategy to unify the windows as well as advertising exertion crosswise over smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

Do you think Microsoft ought to dump Windows Phone or would it be a good idea for it to keep the brand around?

Windows Phone on Twitter, Windows Phone on Facebook

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