Samsung describes design idea behind Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

Samsung has distributed another new blog entry to clarify why the Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge look the way they do. In case that you have asked why the company settled on the design decisions it did or what precisely is new in these most recent handsets contrasted with past era hardware, Samsung has revealed insight into some of these upgrades.

It was a matter of the overall design concept of the Galaxy Note 4. If its predecessor was about being ‘classic’, the Galaxy Note 4 is more about being ‘modern sleek’ with an emphasis on the urban vibe. With the implementation of metal frame with diamond cuts, the designers wanted to take a more simple approach which aligns with the ‘modern sleek’ design concept. Therefore, the Galaxy Note 4 has fewer decorative design factors, and the stitch on the back was one of them.

The delicate back was a genuine design thought (contradicted to metal), empowering users to swap out the battery of their Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge. Samsung notes that the leather utilized additionally gives a smoother feel to the handsets. Still, a few customers stay vacillating with regards to the stitch line back.

So why was the Edge screen on the right side, and not the left?

The main focus of the designers was to provide the analog feeling. When flipping through the pages of a book or note, many people flip it right to left, right being the initial contact point. […] Since people generally tend to read from the left to right, the designers thought it would be the right decision to place the Edge Screen on the right side.

It’s a fascinating read and there’s a whole other world to process, as well as information on the curvature rate, spinning UX, the S Pen, and Montblanc joint effort. Make sure to look at the full blog entry for more points of interest.

What’s your most loved design configuration feature of the Galaxy Note 4 or Note Edge?


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