Samsung Galaxy A series approx pricing leaked

Samsung Galaxy A5 leak

Another report says that Samsung will value the approaching three Galaxy A smartphones in the middle of $350 and $500 and that the Galaxy A7 might be launched in a predetermined number of nations.

The report originates from Sammobile, which uses its anonymous yet generally solid sources. Their story says that the low end Galaxy A3 smartphone will cost some place in the middle of $350 and $400. The higher end Galaxy A5 is accounted for to be estimated between $400 to $450, while the Galaxy A7 could be evaluated in the middle of $450 and $500.

What’s more, the story asserts all of the three phones will have LTE network support and that while the Galaxy A3 and A5 will be generally accessible, the top of the line A7 might just be launched in a predetermined number of markets. The phones are reputed to be uncovered in the third quarter of 2014, which has short of what seven days to go. What do you think about the costs for these Galaxy A phones?


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