Samsung planned to release Gear Solo with SIM slot

Samsung gear neo

Samsung is eager to release Galaxy Note 4 also, Samsung is allegedly getting prepared to unveil the Gear Solo at this current year’s IFA. While very little is information about the Gear Solo, reports from recently showed that the Gear Solo will offer a SIM card opening, permitting it to be utilized without the need of smartphone pairing.

Galaxy Gear Solo will be a standalone smartwatch which accompanies the capacity to make voice calls this impressive feature will cover wider audience, the vicinity of cellular radios that always hunt for signal is certain to present a test challenge with regards to battery life.

Besides, there is no evidence in respect to whether the approaching smartwatch would run Android Wear or Tizen, despite the fact that it is likely Samsung would look to the Tizen platform for the Gear Solo given the confinements Google has put set up with regards to modifying Android Wear.

What is sparking in your mind about the standalone smartwatch? Would you be alright with battery life to increase the capability to make voice calls from your watch? Tell us your views in comments.


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