SanDisk 200GB MicroSD Card is Still Just ₹ 8,775 on Amazon

SanDisk 200GB Micro SD

SanDisk is offering its 200GB microSD card for ₹ 8,775 at Amazon, a savings of around ₹ 4,975 from its regular price. This is a great value for those picking up a new phone like the Galaxy S7, LG G5, Microsoft Lumia 950 and want to have plenty of space to store their favorite pictures, music and videos. We’ve seen the price drop quickly on the price of the 200GB card, and the ₹ 8,775 price point is around the lowest we have seen it dip.

You won’t need any coupons for this deal, just simply hit the link below and grab one for yourself. If you end up picking one up, be sure to let us know which phone you will be putting it inside in the comments below.

Amazon links: 200GB SanDisk (₹ 8,775) | 128 GB SanDisk (3,399)

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