Saygus claims a new high-end Android smartphone in works

Saygus V Squared

Utah-based Saygus, who had affirmed plans to enter the Android smartphone advertise a few years prior yet never propelled an device, now guarantees it is working on a high end device that will have “cutting edge features.”

We’ve been down this street before with this company. They initially published plans for the Vphone, a QWERTY-based Android smartphone, route in 2009. The last we knew about both the Vphone and Saygus was in August 2011, when the company said the Vphone had turned into the first customer phone to pass Verizon’s Open Device Initiative (ODI) certificate. After that … nothing. We imply that. No further declarations originated from Saygus and the Vphone was never launched.

Quick forward to today, in excess of after three years, and Saygus launched, out of the blue, a press release broadcasting it is still around and working away at new smartphone with bunches of amazing, additionally extremely general, characteristics. Engadget has additionally gotten more particular data on the phone, alongside a few pictures. It additionally turns out Saygus’ website has pictures of the device on an open confronting part of its site … not exactly a tight ship.

Saygus V Squared smartphone

They report that the device is known as the V-Squared and that it will have a 5-inch 1080p display, a quad-core 2.5GHz Snapdragon processor, an astounding 64GB of installed onboard storage and a high end camera with optical image stabilization. It additionally says that the V-Squared will have more extraordinary features like another sort of biometric scanner, 60GHz Wireless HD streaming and an approach to expand its 3500mAh battery’s typical life by as much as 50 percent.

Sounds like a high end device, however considering Saygus’ past history, we will trust it when the V-Squared is really a genuine smartphone that is sold to general public. What do you think: Is Saygus going to dispatch this product or is this only one more vaporware smartphone?

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