Sony detachable display module can convert any glass as like Google Glass

Sony display module

Sony has recently proclaimed another connectable display module that can turn a “couple of fashionable glasses, goggles, sunglasses, or other sort of eyewear” into smartglasses. Also, yes, its totally separable so you can detach it at whatever point you need to. This module is consists of a control board where the Bluetooth and WiFi sensors, processor and different segments live, alongside a 640×400 OLED microdisplay that serve as your screen. The company looks a big list of budding applications for games, work and entertainment, so it plans to give “partner companies” with a SDK.

Besides the software programming partners, we figure there could healthy be hardware manufacturers looking to join the module in their own particular devices. Sony’s camera sensors, For now, are found in Apple’s iPhones. That is the reason we wouldn’t be altogether shocked if Google picks this single-lens display for its cutting edge Glass eye wear – truth be told, Mountain View’s as of now dumping TI’s OMAP processor for Intel, despite the fact that this will scarcely enhance the device’s 640×360 resolution. Sony plans to begin large scale manufacturing in 2015, so we’ll likely find out about new devices furnished with this module in a year or two.


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