Sony plans to cut prices of Xperia smartphones by up to 14% in India

Xperia Z3 and Xperia Z3 compact

Reasonable priced handsets have significantly changed the smartphone business. As competition rises smartphone top brands to local manufacturers to reconsider about the costs at which they offer their handsets. In a comparable move, Sony is going to reduce its handsets costs by up to 14 percent, reports DNAIndia.

The report asserts that the Japanese technology giant company will be reexamining the costs of Sony smartphones in the Z, T, C, E, and M series among others. Relied upon the retail cost of related handset, the cost cut will be from Rs 1,500 to Rs 6,500. A official announcement is expected soon.

A Sony official affirmed the price cut is intended for all the devices which available in market will see a revised price soon. “We have been informed of the price cut and it will be implemented across all Sony handsets available in the market,” the official said.

The price cut on Xperia Z3 is fascinating, as it is Sony’s most recent flagship device available in the market. The handset was released in India September 2014 for Rs 51,990 and was at that point accessible on online retailer for Rs 44,990. After the price cut, the handset will get to be accessible for under Rs 40,000.


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