Sony’s SmartEyeglass eyewear to be launched soon.

Sony SmartEyeglass

As Sony’s smartphone division keeps on struggling, the company is working out what it needs to come back to profitable productivity. Does it focus on the top of the line business ruled by Apple and Samsung, or does it attempt to engage customers looking to get their first smartphone? One thing you may not expect is for the company to push forward with the launch its own smart eyewear, a Google Glass clone of sorts, that connects with its devices to superimpose pictures, videos and content into the wearers view. “SmartEyeglass,” as it’s known, resembles a massive pair of 3D glasses that have been changed to incorporate a 3-megapixel camera, accelerometer, gyrator, compass, brightness sensor, a receiver, microphone and a really vast battery pack.

Sony says that while SmartEyeglass is at present in the prototype model stage, it can as of now interface with a range of smartphones (running Android 4.1 and up) to convey hologram like visuals through its lenses. The lens is only 3mm thick, 85 percent transparent and uses up less power because of its monochrome display. Not like Google Glass, which can have its own particular applications, Sony needs engineers to fabricate smartphone applications that can then associate with SmartEyeglass over Bluetooth, so its opening its product pack today to kick things off. It wants to put the prototype model at on sales before the end of March 2015, after which it’ll look to get it into purchasers’ hands.


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