Study shows more iOS devices crashed than Android in Q3, 2016

iOS 9.3.2 update

In a surprising twist of fate, a report claims that more iOS devices faced performance-related issues this year, when compared to Android. The culprit is being said to be Apple’s iOS 10 update.

If your iPhone faced a lot of performance-related issues recently, you are not alone. A report has revealed that the Apple iOS had a higher failure rate as compared to Android devices in Q3, 2016. iOS, which powers iPhone and iPad devices suffered 62 percent failure rate, while Android which powers more devices than iOS owing to its open-source platform, faced 47 percent failure. The prime reason why the iOS devices faced glitches is being blamed on the latest iOS 10 version.

According to the latest report from Blannco Technology Group, there were more instances of apps crashing on iOS than Android. Apps crashed on 65 percent of iOS devices as compared to 25 percent of Android-running devices. It has been further revealed that it was the iPhone 6 which faced maximum lags at 13 percent followed by the iPhone 6s at nine percent, iPhone 5s at nine percent, and the iPad Air 2 at two percent.

Instance of smartphones’ erratic behavior is due to the kind of processor it is equipped with. Often users unknowingly run or try to run graphic-heavy apps on a smartphone running lighter processor, which in turn leads to app crashes and overheating. App crashes is the prime reason behind iOS’ failure in North America. Worldwide, it was the issue of overheating that led to the increased failure rate. Interestingly, with the coming of augmented reality-based game Pokémon GO, smartphone users across platforms started pushing their devices to run the game further adding to failure rate of the OS.

The report notes that Pokémon GO initially crashed on five percent of iOS devices, twice as compared to Android in the third quarter. The AR game not only crashed, it further drained batteries and hogged system resources, slowing down devices completely. However, the top spot for performance-harming apps continued to be driven by social media. It has been revealed that the top four crashing apps on iOS were Instagram with 14 percent failure rate, Snapchat at 12 percent, Facebook at nine percent and Messenger at five percent.

Among Android devices, China-based LeEco’s Le 2 had the maximum failure rate at 13 percent followed by close rival Xiaomi with its Redmi 3S and Redmi Note 3 at nine percent each. Surprisingly, Redmi Note 3 is a tested performer and yet according to the Blannco Technology Group report is one of the Android devices faced with maximum performance-related issues.

Other Android running devices include the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge at five percent and the Lenovo Vibe K5 Note at four percent. Prime issues with Android devices were related to battery at seven percent and the screen at six percent. It has been further revealed that Samsung-branded smartphones and tablets running Android had the most failures among Android manufacturers at 11 percent followed by Xiaomi-built devices at four percent. On Android, IMS Service, which is an app used by merchant led the app failure list at 32 percent followed by the address book app at 12 percent and Google’s own Play Store app at 10 percent failure rate.


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