T-Mobile device unlock app released for one device so far

T-Mobile device unlock app

Presently that smartphone unlockers have been given the legislative green signal, T-Mobile’s attempting to make simple procedure of unlocking with a lesser degree a bother… yet gradually. You see, the maroon shaded carrier has made a Device Unlock application that’ll give you a chance to either briefly unshackle your smartphone for 30 days or do the deed permanently. Sound excessively great to be genuine? You may have a point. Regardless you’re bound by T-Mobile’s qualification necessities in the process of attempt to permanent unlock your device, for one, and the application just works with Samsung’s decant mid-range Galaxy Avant (on which the application comes preloaded) at this moment. The people at Android Central couldn’t resist the opportunity to sideload the application onto a couple of different devices, yet other T-Mobile smartphone owners didn’t have much luck to liberating any of them from T-Mobile’s tight hold. Hopefully this restricted release is simply a test system of T-Mobile. Let’s see, the carrier may release apps to unlock other smartphones too.

You can now download T-Mobile device unlock app from Google play


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