T-Mobile website lists Microsoft Lumia 640 as ‘Coming Soon’

Lumia 640 LTE

T-Mobile has as of now flaunted their version of the Lumia 640 in video, however showing up on the website at present it moves a further close for sales. Microsoft launched the Lumia 640 last month at Mobile World Congress 2015. Soon after the first declaration T-Mobile stated that they will bring the device to their carrier users, yet no particular release date was declared. The Lumia 640 currently listed in T-Mobile’s website as ‘Coming Soon’, yet no indication of price.

MetroPCS also reported a mid-April release of the smartphone and they will be offering the Microsoft Lumia 640 off contract for just $99. The Lumia 640 brings solid specifications for a ultra low cost and people are anticipated to grab the device for them.

However till now there is no official words on release date, it shows up as if the day is getting closer.

T-Mobile Via TmoNews

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