T-Mobile’s new plan targets larger families

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T-Mobile as of now has an exceptional limited time 4-line family plan with unlimited call and text with 10 GB of data, and now it appears that the un-carrier network is propelling a considerably bigger family plan to oblige gatherings of up to 6. The 6-line plan is like the 4-line plan and will cost $120 for every month.

Like the 4-line plan, each of the 6 lines will accompany boundless talk and text messages alongside 2.5 GB of data amid the special period for every line, for a sum of 15 GB over all lines.

The limited time data will valid upto 2016, after which the data allocation for every line will come down to 1 GB for every line, for an aggregate of 6 GB over each of the 6 lines.

The past T-Mobile’s family plan contain 5 lines, and as per a spilled report that was acquired by TmoNews, it would seem that T-Mobile may be looking at family plans with up to 10 lines add up to later on, which could extend your single plan to oblige a much bigger broadened family. It gives the idea that T-Mobile is looking at a framily (sprint-presents new-framily-plan) fight with opponent Sprint, which as of now has up to 10 lines.

Are you are anticipating adding all the more relatives to your plan on T-Mobile?

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