The Google Glass consumer release reportedly postponed to 2015

Google glass

With 2014 ceasing from all operations in simply a couple of weeks, the customer version of the Google Glass wearable device won’t be launched this year, as initially planned. Another report says that Google is presently searching for the launch to be hold at some point in 2015.

The news originates from Reuters, which refers to an anonymous source that is “acquainted with the matter”. It likewise offers a fairly somber picture of the eyewear’s future prospects. Google Glass, which was initially published in 2012 with a huge amount of excitement, has been losing enthusiasm from application developers. Reuters reports they reached 16 software developers who had previously launched applications for Google Glass, yet nine of them expressed they had ceased working away at those applications, because of the absence of users and the hardware constraints of the device itself. A couple of weeks back, Twitter pulled their official Google Glass application from MyGlass.

As far as it matters, Google stats to have “hundreds” of team members even now working on Google Glass. The division’s Head of Business Operations Chris O’neill is cited as saying, “We are as committed as ever to a consumer launch. That is going to take time and we are not going to launch this product until it’s absolutely ready.”


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