U.S. passes E-Label Act to clean up printed labels on devices

OnePlus One back CyanogenMod

President Obama has signed the E-Label Act into law on Wednesday, which will permit electronic device makers to include labels for products utilizing software instead of needing to print the labels marks on hardware devices. Basically, with the law, smartphones and tablets will look cleaner outlines as labels and stickers will never again be required and the data could rather be found inside the phone’s software. Android phones today dispatch with labels itemizing the serial number and IMEI numbers either on the outer surface shell, in the case of gadgets with a non-removable covers, or under the battery stall.

As per a report on The Hill:

The change should give companies more flexibility under Federal Communications Commission rules, supporters argued, especially as consumer electronics get smaller and smaller.

Other applicable labeling data that could be moved into software program could incorporate FCC, reusing and UL logos for the U.S. market.

The Hill

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