Upcoming update for HTC One M9 add many features including Guest Mode

HTC One M9

Many of the HTC One M9 users have grumbled about the device’s absence of Lollipop highlighted feature despite the fact that it runs the Android 5.0 version. Dissimilar to the leading flagship smartphones, for example, Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, the One M9 did not support the ‘Guest Mode’ feature up to this point.

luckily, HTC will soon be revealing an update that would add all the Lollipop key features to the smartphone, it will expected to be a Android 5.1 update. As per HTC’s ROM developer LlabTooFeR, the approaching upgrade will convey a variety of features to the smartphone, for example, functionality to control the phone’s display color temperature (as of recently it was just applicable through third party applications).

There is no situated course of events timing given by HTC for the update roll out, in any case, we can hope to contact us in couple of months from now or may be prior.

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