Verizon and Google signs up patent license deal to help battle ‘frivolous’ lawsuits


Verizon Wireless has advertised that it has inked a signup to a patent license permit with Google. Particular insights about the assention were not uncovered, yet Verizon did say it was composed “to bring down the danger of pointless patent suit.”

Verizon also included:

Verizon has long championed patent reforms and industry actions that promote innovation. We’re pleased that today’s licensing deal with Google will help reduce the supply of patents that so-called patent trolls can assert against us. We look forward to striking similar deals with other high-tech companies also concerned with the innovation tax that patent trolls often collect. But these deals can’t fix the system by themselves. More needs to be done. We continue to support Congress’s effort to enact meaningful patent litigation reform in the coming year.

Verizon Wireless

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