Verizon’s official Droid Turbo TV ads shows tough device with James Franco

After publishing two “viral” videos featuring on-screen actor James Franco this week, Verizon Wireless has unleashed its full one moment TV ad emphasizing the man who can’t say “No” to a gig utilizing the recently released Motorola Droid Turbo. A second ad additionally has a nod to the recent iPhone 6 “Bendgate” discussion.

Franco’s commercial demonstrates to him attempting to recover a woman companion’s scarf from a high building roost, yet while he figures out how to get it, he likewise begins tumbling to what resembles guaranteed death. Regardless; his Droid Turbo is compelling enough to provide for him the insight to abstain from splattering on the pavement, and it even demonstrates the phone’s quick charge feature from zero to eight hours of battery life in 15 minutes.

The second commercial demonstrates the Droid Turbo getting misused in an fictional testing lab, demonstrating how its case and screen are to a great degree of extreme tough. Yes, the video even indicates how the phone can resist bending, which will probably make iPhone 6 holders a bit desirous. Are these advertisements compelling enough for you to purchase the Droid Turbo?

Verizon (YouTube)

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