WhatsApp beta adding new quote messaging feature similar to Twitter

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Quoted messages and replies could soon be introduced on WhatsApp’s Android and iOS apps

The latest beta version of WhatsApp reveals an interesting new feature. WhatsApp beta version 2.16.118 comes with a new reply button, which lets you reply with a quoted text, Android Police reports. In simpler terms, the selected message will be previewed in the chat below and your reply below it. This new feature not only works with text messages, but also with images and videos. This is similar to the quote option you get on Twitter while retweeting a tweet.

On current versions of WhatsApp when you long-press on a particular message you see options to star, delete, copy or forward. But on the beta version of WhatsApp, there is a new reply button. Clicking on it will open a new text box for you with a preview of the selected message. When you hit send, your message will be shown along with the preview.

We have been trying out this feature and it is a boon for group chats, especially those with many members. If you were to join in on a conversation late, you can select particular messages to reply to, which makes it easy for others to keep abreast with the ongoing conversation. If a group were to click on the quoted message, WhatsApp automatically scrolls up to when it was sent by your friend.

To use the quoted message feature, you will need to update WhatsApp to beta version 2.16.118. You can find the APK here, or join Google’s Play Store beta program.

It is not clear how long we will have to wait until the feature makes it to the final version of the apps. But a debut on beta could mean it won’t be a long wait. The recent beta versions have given us a glimpse at some of the features that could make it to final version. These include public group chat invites, voice mails, and sending ZIP files as attachments among others.


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