WhatsApp may integrate Google Drive to ease future back up of chat history

WhatsApp Google Drive chat backup

Are you a WhatsApp user, you must have came through the problem of backing up chat history and all other attachments respective of your chat threads while moving to new phone or while formatting your smartphone. One needs to manually backup the WhatsApp data by copying on PC or by mailing the attachments yourself in case you need to back it up, which is a lumbering processor. Inspite of existence of free cloud storage services like Dropbox, Box, OneDrive and Google Drive, there’s no simple approach to automatically back up WhatsApp chat history and restore it.

Presently, it creates the impression that WhatsApp may be in plan to use Google Drive to backup the chat history. This data was uncovered in an email WhatsApp sent to selected members from their interpretation team. There were various references to Google Drive in the email messages and its utilization to backup chat history and related media to the cloud storage service.

This choice will likewise be useful since some chat discussions incorporate attachments like pictures, audio messages and videos, which expands the backup document size by truly an edge. There is no other data on the real backup feature integration update launch of this service, however we feel that it will turn into a reality after WhatsApp fully rolls out voice calls to all the users.

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