WhatsApp planning to bring ‘Call via Skype’ and ‘Driving Mode’ facility

whatsapp voice call

It’s a well known fact that WhatsApp, the famous instant messaging service for customer is dealing with including free voice-calling ability to its text messaging application. The company has even published it themselves, yet as we move closer to the guaranteed release time span of this feature, we are realizing a few new data. According to the what has been discovered inside the codes of its iPhone application, the service may have a speedy “call via Skype” video chatting service.

Tech blog MakTechBlog says that it discovered a reference of Microsoft’s instant messaging service, users while examining the codes of WhatsApp’s iPhone application. The blog additionally discovered a few other intriguing references including ‘Call Mute’, ‘Call Hold’, ‘Call back’, ‘Call me in X minutes’, ‘Call back message’, ‘Call Notifications’ and ‘Separate screen for call logs’ in inside the codes that recommend how undeniable this feature will be the point at which it takes off.

whatsapp skype code

With the “Call through Skype” feature, the WhatsApp service may have plans to provide its clients a single click choice to transform the progressing sound calls or text conversation into a video chat visit. As the website notice, it isn’t as astonishing to see Skype coordination on WhatsApp, as its parent organization Facebook also had joined forces with Skype to release its video chat service.

According to the features said in the code, WhatsApp additionally appears to have a ‘do not distrub’ choice as a top priority, as hints of ‘driving mode’ has been seen in the code. A month ago, in inside the codes, it was additionally discovered that the company was working away at a web user version for its application.


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