WhatsApp rolls out GIF search, insert support for Android, raises media sharing limit to 30

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WhatsApp users can now share 30 media files at once.

WhatsApp’s really been gradual when it comes to rolling out a complete GIF support to its app. In August last year, WhatsApp rolled out the ability to convert videos and share them as GIFs, then a couple of months later, WhatsApp allowed users to share GIFs saved on their devices, later it finally added the feature to search and insert GIF through GIPHY, but that was rolled out exclusively for iOS. At last, the search and insert GIF feature has been rolled out to Android as well.

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Which means, you would no more need third party apps like a Giphy client, or the GBoard app, or to have the GIFs saved on your phones beforehand to share GIFs now. In addition to that, WhatsApp has also raised the limit of the maximum number of media files that a user can share at once. Earlier limited to 10, the limit has now been raised to 30 media files at a time. (Go crazy!)

For Android users, the function shows up within the keyboard when you tap the emoji button in the text box. With the new update, users will be able to see a new GIF option right next to the emoji button at the bottom bar. You can then scroll through popular GIFs and insert them right away or search GIPHY for a keyword to find the appropriate animation for your current state.

If you want to try out these options, you need the version 2.17.6 beta of the app which you can obtain either by joining the Google Play Store beta and downloading it there or by grabbing the APK directly from APK Mirror.

For iOS users, the feature has existed for a while now. But in case you missed out on it, to search for GIPHY, go to the ‘+’ icon on the top of the keyboard, choose Photos and Videos, down below on the left corner, you will notice a search icon next to GIF, tapping on that will lead you to a search bar for GIPHY. Now simply search away!

WhatsApp is constantly on the run for a new feature or the other, and that keeps things interesting! There have been reports recently that WhatsApp could soon introduce a feature to retract sent messages. WhatsApp has already updated the beta app for iOS platform with an option to ‘revoke’ sent messages.

According to Twitter handle WABetaInfo, which tracks the latest changes made to WhatsApp beta builds, the feature was spotted in iOS beta app (version It will let users retract sent messages before it gets delivered to the recipient. The tipster shared a couple of screenshots and a GIF video to demonstrate the working of this feature. To be able to retract the message, a user will have to tap on the message, which will open up a menu, from where they will have to select the ‘revoke’ option, which will then retract the message.

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