WhatsApp’s voice calling feature activated for some users

WhatsApp voice Call

WhatsApp is working on to integrate voice calling feature in its app, which has been leaked a few times previously and now, the feature has begun showing up for a few users. A Reddit user pradnesh07, who got the feature on his Android smartphone, has said that the voice calling feature got actuated when his friend who had this feature enabled made a voice call to him through WhatsApp.

The Reddit user went ahead to say that he attempted to call his all friends as could be helpful to get this feature to his friends in action of actuating the calling feature on WhatsApp, however it was to a greater extent a hit-and-miss circumstance. In case that you are surprising about when WhatsApp has updated its app feature with hidden command, this feature is accessible only to the users who have downloaded the most recent APK from WhatsApp’s official site and not from Google Play Store.

Recently, WhatsApp opened WhatsApp Web based on browser extension, which you can use from your web browser, allowing to use WhatsApp on your PC. WhatsApp is competing with Hike messenger which has started this voice calling feature recently.


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