Windows 10, now testing on Nokia Lumia 635 which runs “very smooth”

Windows 10

Microsoft presented the preview of Windows 10 on smartphones last month and reported that a large portion of the devices running Windows 8 eventually qualified for a free upgrade to Windows 10 operating system, even the ones with generally weaker hardware specifications.

Gabriel Aul, who is head of the Windows 10 Insider project, tweeted that he is now testing Windows 10 on a Nokia Lumia 635 and utilizing it as his daily driver. Obviously, Windows 10 is running “very smooth” on the Lumia 635 regardless of it being outfitted with only 512MB of RAM.

Microsoft had declared that a few features of the Windows 10 may not be accessible for all existing devices because of difficulties with the hardware versions. The final version of Windows 10 are required to hit the current devices beginning this summer.


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