Windows 9-Threshold color changing start menu leaked and more

Windows 9 Start Menu

Some more data about what may be incorporated in the following variant of Windows, code name “Threshold” has been released, including a few screenshots that demonstrate its Start menu may change colors focused around the foundation topic chose by the users for the OS.

The screenshots, initially posted on, would appear to show Microsoft will offer some little yet decent customization options for the returning Start menu in Threshold, which could possibly be called Windows 9 when it is announced… Remember that regardless of the fact that these pictures are correct, Microsoft could even now eliminate this feature before the stable version of Threshold goes live.

What’s more, long time Microsoft watcher Paul Thurrott has a couple of all the more new goodies about Threshold in another new article, taking into account what looks like direct learning of an early form. One fascinating thing he notes is new Share button that he says is found on the Share tab in File Explorer. He expresses this is like the button found on Windows Phone, and will let users impart a few things to certain Modern applications.

Once again, remember that Threshold is still at any rate a few months from its official release and features will probably be included, changed or tossed before it is released. The company will hold a press occasion in San Francisco on September 30 to discuss how the next version of Windows will work with big business users yet, as we reported Thursday, that occasion won’t be live streamed on the Internet. Is it accurate to say that you are still amped up for the following next version of Windows?, Winsupersite

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