Xiaomi Drone leaked video gives us a idea

Xiaomi makes a wide variety of products, from smartphones to fitness trackers and action cameras to even smart rice cookers. So when it was rumored that the company was going to build a drone it didn’t really surprise anyone. Xiaomi is expected to announce its first drone in the coming days but today a leaked video of the drone has been making the rounds, giving us a glimpse at the company’s first drone.

Drones are big business these days, despite all of the privacy and safety debate that they have sparked, that’s why you have companies like GoPro trying to make their own drones as well.

It’s understandable why Xiaomi would want to get in on the action as well. The company has a knack of making products comparable to those from some of the best manufacturers on the market yet price them as such that it gains an advance on the price point.

Xiaomi hasn’t revealed too much about the drone itself, but rumor has it that the drone will be able to follow the user around and may even let them control it using the Mi Band fitness tracker.

The first Xiaomi drone leaked video gives us a glimpse of the design and the camera that’s attached to it, apparently the camera is capable of shooting 4K video. Pricing and availability information isn’t public yet but is likely going to be, come May 25th.

source: ubergizmo

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