Xiaomi Mi5 leaked, have thinner bezels and bigger screen

Xiaomi Mi5 leaked

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi released the Mi4 this year, and it appears the company is as of now dealing with its successor. leaked photographs of what gives off an impression of being the Mi5 have leaked straightforwardly from a production line from some place in China.

With the Mi4, Xiaomi offered little hardware upgrades while giving the phone a significant design update. The Xiaomi appears to run with the same method with the Mi5. From the spilled pictures, the phone has considerably more slender bezels, and a screen which gives off an impression of being bigger than 5-inch with slight bended edges.

From the pictures, the phone’s design configuration impart a striking similarity to the iPhone 6 Plus and HTC One (M8). It additionally seems to have fundamentally more slender waistline. Yet what hardware upgrades will the phone accompany still stays to be known. The Mi4, while being an upward update over Mi3, didn’t really offer any real specifications upgrades. The purchasers are should have high trusts with the Mi5.

In the interim, the Mi4 is yet to be dispatched in India. The phone is required to dispatch before this present year’s end, as noted by Xiaomi’s Vice President of worldwide operations,

What are your expectations with the Xiaomi Mi5?

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