Xiaomi releases a teaser seems to unveil a flagship device on Jan 15

Xiaomi teaser

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi is working to release its most updated flagship smartphone at an press occasion on January 15 at the National Conference Center in Beijing. The Xiaomi has additionally released a teaser picture, which shows that the device will be super thin.

As per a report, a Xiaomi official had said, “that the company’s upcoming flagship device will be thinner than cicada insect’s wing”,he said. However, even we have no clue about the thickness of the previously stated bug ‘Cicada’.

Anyhow the hardware and software details of the device are still kept secret, Manu Jain, head of Xiaomi India, has said prior, that the company is working to reduce the slack time in between China and India release as India is Xiaomi’s second biggest market after China. In the year 2014, Xiaomi sold 61.12 million smartphone handsets worldwide, surpassing its own focus of 40 million devices.

The year 2015 is going to be a fascinating one for the Xiaomi, at least in India. As of late, it had fixed up with Airtel to offer Redmi Note 4g, along these lines entering the retail advertise surprisingly. Freshly, the company used to sell its devices on Flipkart through flashing sale. To reach out wider Xiaomi to focus its sales on retail outlets, Xiaomi wants its devices to reach more customers, who are not usual to shopping on the web.


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