Xiaomi’s Rs 4,000 Redmi 2 like smartphone image leaked

xiaomi new budget device

In accordance with past bits of gossip, Xiaomi’s $65 smartphone has been located on a leaked image. The smartphone’s design is identical with its Redmi 2. The device was spotted by Mydrivers and was published in Chinese social networking website Weibo. The picture shows backpanel of the smartphone alongside the LED flash light and speaker flame rail. The Mi brand logo is missing bringing up the way that this phone may very well be a prototype.

Xiaomi’s new ultra low cost devices will not be controlled by Qualcomm chipsets and will carry a highly affordable chipset from Leadcore. The $65 sticker means roughly Rs 4,000 and if the device is to be sure propelled at this pricing it will most likely make waves in the entry level Android section. Rumors guessing that this Xiaomi low end smartphone will have 4G LTE capability and will accompany a 720p display resolution.

Xiaomi has quite recently released the Redmi 2 in India, the great successor to the Redmi 1S, which was sold today with flashing sales and sold out in seconds. Price of the device is Rs 6,999, the smartphone brings out new benchmarks for sub Rs 10,000 segment.

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