YouTube will now show more content in local language for Indian users

Now, based on your viewing pattern, YouTube will automatically identify a user’s preferred Indian language.

YouTube has had a great response in India this year. It recently shared its year-ender statistics of the number of videos Indian watched, shared and created on YouTube this year, and the numbers were impressive. And now, encouraging more Indians to interact with/on its platform, YouTube has announced that it will now show more content in local languages. This feature has started rolling out for all users.

Basically, for Indian browsers on YouTube, the video suggestions that prop up in the Home and Trending section, will now consist of more videos in local languages. Of course, this would be based on your watch history. YouTube will automatically identify a user’s preferred Indian language and display more content in that language on Home. As of now, YouTube has a lump sum content in Indian languages like Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil and Telugu.

The language preference of a user is based on a combination of user interface language, watch history, and a user’s location. If a user thinks that YouTube has identified a wrong language for them, the language can always be changed from the settings. Or the other way is that they watch more videos in their preferred language, and YouTube will gradually correct itself.

Essentially, with reading your preference pattern on Home, users will see more local language content such as movies and music, especially if they are a first time user. If a user’s existing YouTube user, they will continue to receive recommendations based on what you watch. Also, Trending will now show trending videos based on a user’s local language. For example, if a user has indicated preference for Punjabi, Trending will contain videos that are trending amongst Punjabi-speaking users in India.

The preferred language content basically works on the recently introduced update by Google, which improved how users discover new videos and share their experience with friends and family. The home screen of the app was tweaked to show the trending and popular videos in the user’s location.
A couple of months ago, Google also announced a new YouTube app built from scratch that gives users more control over how much data is consumed while watching or saving a particular video. Called YouTube Go, the app is expected to be rolled out soon. The YouTube app already offers users the ability to save videos offline to watch them later, even if there is no internet connection. The idea was to help users save precious mobile data by saving videos on Wi-Fi and then watch it later. YouTube Go app improves this feature by letting users choose the resolution in which they want to watch or save the video, and also inform how much data will be consumed on different resolutions. If you are not sure what to expect from the video, the app will now give you a short preview of the entire video. Clicking on a video thumbnail will trigger the quick preview feature.


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