Alcatel may soon launch Windows Phone in entry-level segment


Alcatel might not have released a Windows Phone since 2012, however all that may change within a brief period of time. In a meeting with The Guardian, VP of Alcatel Dan Dery specified that the brand may dispatch entry level devices focused on Windows Phone.

“Carriers from across the world have consistently told us that entry-level Windows Phones work, but not at the high end. We don’t know whether that’s because Windows Phone is very good for entry level smartphones, or because people have been looking to get a Nokia device at an affordable price.”

Dery additionally expressed that Alcatel is a great deal more interested by releasing a Windows Phone after the presentation of Windows 10.

“Windows is the most converged OS between smartphone, tablet and laptop to date. We are very happy to have a partner interested in conversion, because our users do not want complicated systems – they want something familiar from their work environment in the office, but on a smartphone.”

Dery did not give out any details on when we may see an official affirmation from Alcatel, just expressing that device were as of now in the pipeline.

What do you all think? Do any of Dery’s announcements reverberate with you?

The Guardian

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