Apple starts iPhone 5 battery replacement program

iPhone 5

Apple has launched a battery replacement plan for a early released iPhone 5 units it is a limited time plan. As indicated by the company, ” a little rate of iphone 5 devices might suddenly come across shorter battery life or need to be charged all the more often.” The influenced iphone 5 units were made between September 2012 and January 2013 and fall inside a listed serial number range.

Apple has effectively begun the project in the US and China, and will bring it to different markets on August 29. You can check whether your iphone 5 is influenced by entering your iPhone’s serial number here. You can discover the serial number by going into Settings > About. In case your iPhone 5 goes under the influenced rundown, Apple will replace your phone’s battery free of expense.

Prior, Apple needed to start a charger replacement programs recently and additionally in 2013. A year ago, Apple likewise connected the take back system to third party chargers where one could get their non-Apple chargers exchanged with unique Apple chargers at a offer discount.

check your iPhone 5 serial No

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