Beware of ‘WhatsApp Gold’, It’s a scam!

whatsapp gold

Users are being asked to upgrade to an exclusive version WhatsApp Gold which is actually a scam that will put your data at risk.

If you love using WhatsApp, here’s a word of warning. Some users are reporting about receiving a message that asks them to upgrade to an exclusive version of the app, called ‘WhatsApp Gold’. But beware, this is nothing but a scam and will potentially put your personal data at risk, Independent reports. Having received this message, users are then directed to, but at the time of filing this story, the website is down.

The scam tempts WhatsApp users by promising an exclusive version of the app, which was earlier only available for celebrities. This WhatsApp Gold version is said to offer new emojis, the ability to send hundred pictures at once, video calling, better customization and enhanced security. The message also says that only those who receive this invitation will be able to use the app.

There is currently no word on how many users have been affected by the WhatsApp Gold scam. Reports however state that more Android users have been targeted than iOS users.

WhatsApp has acknowledged that this indeed is a scam and asks users to be careful. It says users need to immediately report the message and the sender to the company. Users are also asked to block the sender, disregard and delete the message. WhatsApp says it would never send messages to users asking them to upgrade or download another version of its app.

This isn’t the first time users have been offered a chance to download a better version of the WhatsApp app. Last year, many users were duped into downloading an app called ‘WhatsApp Plus‘, which promised over 700 new themes, more emoticons, and better privacy. But it too turned out to be a scam, and WhatsApp banned WhatsApp Plus users from accessing its services.

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