Cricket gives $100 account credit if you port from T-Mobile or MetroPCS

Cricket store offer

AT&T-possessed Cricket Wireless is currently drawing endlessly T-Mobile and MetroPCS users by offering a account credit promotion in the event that you switch from those adversaries. T-Mobile and MetroPCS clients who switch to Cricket Wireless will get a $100 account credit when they port over for each one line with a greatest utmost of five lines.

The offer to switch is great through October 19 in case you’re intrigued by porting. For the offer advancement to work, you must port your number to Cricket and sign up for either a Basic, Smart, or Pro rate plan. Your account at credit needs to be live to get the account credit, as per the fine print.
Cricket offers a scope of devices on Windows Phone, Android, and iOS.

Lamentably, it would seem that users on different carriers or networks won’t be qualified in accepting the account credit.

Is it accurate to say that you are on T-Mobile or MetroPCS, and will you be making the jump to Cricket with this promotional offer?


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