Cyber Dust privacy conscious messaging service launching for Windows Phone users next month

Cyber Dust secure messaging

In case BBM and the assortment of third party Snapchat customers aren’t secure enough for your messaging requirements, business visionary Mark Cuban has advertised on Twitter that Cyber Dust will be dispatching next month on Windows Phone. Cyber Dust guarantees to be a safe, fun informing messages with stickers, self vanishing messages, and alarms if somebody has endeavored to spare your message by catching a screen shot.

“Go to and sign up to get test preview,” Cuban told a Twitter follower who asked of the service, noting that it is advancing next month.

What’s more to add the features that are particular to Windows Phone, users can likewise “pin sent messages” to their home screens so they can recollect the discussion. For entertainment only, you can explode messages and area to numerous followers and in addition convey stickers, URLs, and vanishing animated Gifs.

As the service is accessible on Android and iOS, when it dispatches for Windows Phone Cyber Dust will be cross-platform friendly so you can message companions, friends who are utilizing these different OSes.

Is this an application and service you’re anticipating utilizing and try for? If yes, make a to visit the source link and register your email.

Source: Cyber Dust via Mark Cuban

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