Facebook to start ‘missed call’ ads to boost revenue from India

Sensing to revenue growth from emerging markets like India, Facebook has declared that it rolling out a new “missed call” ad service. It will allows users to easily find information from brands and advertisers without incurring information or voice charges.

The newly proposed ad service allows users to make a “missed call” to an advertiser by clicking on the ad footage from their mobile devices, which will make a return call containing pre-recorded messages. The messages can be of anything from advertiser such as cricket scores, messages from Bollywood celebrities, online market content towards discounts, sales and many.

Though the missed call is accepted by most carriers in the country, this is the first time that a social networking company Facebook is implementing the service. By allowing customers to show their eagerness to place a missed call, Facebook has the latent to expel ads to a overmuch wider audience, at the same time to ensure that its users do not charge for any data and voice calls.

Any how Facebook has 100 million active users in India, the amount of income it generates is comparing lesser than the countries like the United States, Canada and the UK. A promising reason for this is due to the laggard proliferation of 3G services and the higher data tariffs therein.

On the other hand many of Facebook’s users in India use feature phones that doesn’t have touchscreens and the 3G network access. Facebook must optimize its ads to run on slow wireless connections, and has to worked with Indian carriers to pack unlimited Facebook access to users who do not have a dedicated data connection.

Currently, Facebook is testing its missed call service with a limited user in controlled environment to make it live to a wider audience in the coming months.

Indian users, would you be curious in using this Missed call as service? Do you suppose Facebook for successful endeavour?

Source: Facebook

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