Future Microsoft display screen will touch you back

Microsoft haptic display

Microsoft wants its device users to get the touch feel feedback precisely. The people at Microsoft Research Asia, more particularly, specialist Hong Tan, found that by including haptics to tactile material sensations to screens, users could experience a feedback touch on using the device display screen.

Tan basically needs to make impressions that individuals can encounter when using with their everyday objects. Instead of simply touching and see on the device screen, Tan would have you to interact in different manner with your device, let the device touch you back with sensation.

As she notes, studies have demonstrated basic progressions to regular items, for example, including a “click” to Surface keyboard cover empowered users to faster with greater accuracy. Look at the video above to show signs of improvement look yet let us know in the remarks, would you really like your device to feel more? Would you really need to feel textures and safety from your devices?

As she notes, studies have shown simple changes to everyday products such as adding a ‘click’ to Surface keyboard cover enabled users to not only type faster but more accurately. Check out the video above to get a better look but let us know in the comments, would you actually like your devices to have more feeling? Would you actually want to feel textures and resistance from your devices?


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